Cash and Nico COMIC BUNDLE!
Cash and Nico COMIC BUNDLE!
Cash and Nico COMIC BUNDLE!

Cash and Nico COMIC BUNDLE!

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Behold! The perfect bundle for any Cash and Nico fan, with TWO action packed Comic Book adventures! With Cash and Nico: BullRush, you can see how square City Fairs when Bull steals a cloning machine! And in Cash and Nico: Mini Mayhem, you can find out just how crazy being the size of an ant can be! 

Cash and Nico: BullRush Comic Synopsis: 

Cash and Nico find themselves in quite the pickle as their beloved Square City falls to chaos when Bull gets his muscular hands on a cloning machine! Nowhere is safe from the horde of Bull clones as they invade! From the sweet covered walls of Zoey’s candy shop to Mia’s underground lab, no one is safe from the Bull’s grasps! It’s up to Cash and Nico, and a little help from their friends, to stop the Bulls and regain control of Square City! Using some fancy gadgets, creative strategies and some good ol' fashioned team work, the duo are in for quite the adventure!

Cash and Nico: Mini Mayhem Comic Synopsis:

 Cash awakes to find that Nico has a big problem, Nico has mysteriously shrunk to the size of an ant! While fun at first, Cash and their science loving friend Mia soon set out to find a way to turn Nico back to normal and Nico gets captured by a colony of bugs. From the height of a fiery volcano to the underground fortress of bug city,Cash and Nico discover that BIG problems can come in LITTLE packages! 

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